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Computing parameter
Structure type:
Unit type:
Design table
Armour slope:
Concrete density: kg/m3
Water density: kg/m3
Significant wave height (Hs): m
Breaking waves:
Seabed slope: %
Bottom level of the armour*: m
Upper level of the armour*: m

Help topic
Help topic
*These values are not compulsory but allow to check the number of rows on the slope.
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*We respect confidentiality and will not share your information with any other company.

The information generated using this computing tool is only indicative and should only be used as an initial approach.
Simulations may help clarify some of the main parameters but cannot be used directly to establish the actual basis for the armour design.
The Designer remains totally responsible for the complete analysis and definition of the armour design.

CLI can provide assistance and advice at all stages, whenever required, on issues that influence the final design.
Theoretical volume: m3
Standard volume: m3
Unit mass: t
Unit height: m
Armour thickness : m
Rocks underlayer: t
Underlayer thickness: m
Concrete consumption: m3/m2
Number of units: u/100m2
Number of rows: u
Result information
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